Breathtaking Eyelash Extensions

Imagine longer, thicker, and natural looking eyelashes. Beautiful eyelashes without the hassle of applying and removing mascara. They come in various lengths, colors, and thicknesses, and can even be worn during sleep, showering, workouts and swimming. Eyelash Extensions are applied to each individual eyelash, are safe, and can last up to eight weeks. Also offering Volume Lashes for full thicker lashes with twice as many lashes.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Each individual eyelash is extended out by a synthetic lash or group of lashes to give you the most natural looking lash in length and volume. Synthetic, Silk or Mink lashes are designed to look identical to your lash to receive a look of perfection. You may choose to have a natural or more of a glamorous look.

How often do I need to come back for a retouch?

About two to three weeks for lashes that have grown out long enough and to replace any that may have fallen out. Natural lashes grow at different  lengths and the average life cycle of a natural lash is 90 days.

Do I need to have eyelashes to apply the extensions?

Yes. The eyelash is applied to a natural lash and not the skin. This is safer and gives a more natural look.

Can I use mascara?

There really is no need for mascara. The lashes do come in different thicknesses. If you choose to wear mascara, just make sure it is non waterproof.

Can I use an eyelash curler?

There is no need for curlers as they already have a natural curl to them. If you use an eyelash curler with the extensions it will break the extensions. There are many different curls to perfect the best look for you.

Can they make your regular lashes fall out?

This is a question that comes up and thought I would post it. The eyelash extensions will not make your regular lashes fall out. The only way your regular lash will fall out is do to the regular shedding of the eyelash or if you are pulling or picking on the eyelash extension itself. The extensions are completely safe for your regular eyelashes.

Can I still have the eyelash extensions if my natural lashes grow in a downward position?

Most Definitely. I carry all different designs of eyelashes to fit your lash needs.

I have had the extensions before and they fell out within three days?

The procedure takes one to three hours to perform with anywhere from 25-250 lashes per eye. I use a medical grade adhesive and they are pretty much bonded before you leave to go home. Common reason they might fall out would be applying water to them right away or they have came in contact with any type of oil. Make sure to allow them to bond and dry at least six hours before applying water to them. I will give you after care instructions before you leave so you can enjoy them for many days.

Do you have experience in the eyelash procedure?

Absolutely. I received my certification in 2006 and have had advanced training with some of the most leading Eyelash Trainers from around the world. Including training and mastering in the Russian Volume Technique which has been brought to the United States in the last few years. I have performed thousands of lash procedures and continue to learn and bring new techniques to the community. I believe education is essential for keeping up with new and beautifying looks. 

A consultation is usually recommended before receiving the lashes to see what best works for you. Eyelash Extensions are an art of perfection. Not only is it important to look at the lash, but at the whole structure of the eye itself.

How much is the eyelash procedure?

Prices vary depending on how many, type of lash, and what look you may be looking for. A free consultation is recommended. It usually takes about ten minute. That way I can look at your lashes, listen to what you would like to accomplish, and then recommend what would work best for you. Please call or text 515-770-6800 to schedule your consultation.

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