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Eyebrow $15.00
Nose $10.00
Chin $15.00
Lip $12.00
Chin &Lip $25.00
Sideburns $15.00
Neck $15.00
Full Face $45.00
Underarm $20.00
Arms $40.00
Half Arms $25.00
Legs $65.00
Half Legs $40.00
Bikini $35.00
Brazilian $65.00
Male Brazilian $85.00
Male Brazilian & Buttocks $100.00
Back $55.00
Chest $55.00

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long, or short, should my hair be for for waxing?

The hair should be at least 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch for best results. If you have coarse hair it should be closer to 1/2-inch for the first few waxes.

It may take up to three waxing treatments to achieve smooth skin due to the fact that hair grows in stages and all of your hair is never at the same stage. It is very important to avoid shaving between waxing appointments, as this will interrupt the process and stimulate the hair growth again.

How often should I get a wax?

Every four weeks. Regular waxing is essential. The skin will be less sensitive if waxing is done every 4 weeks. Over time, with regular waxing, the hair follicle will have less and less of a grip on the hair to be pulled and the hairs will come out more easily.

Is there anything I should do before my waxing appointment?

Refrain from taking a shower or bath immediately before the treatment. Soaking the hair will soften it, allowing it to break more easily and making waxing less effective.

Make sure that the area(s) to be waxed are clean.

There are certain medications and products that should not be taken or used if you plan to have a waxing treatment. Topical exfoliants used on the area to be waxed such as Retin-A, Renova, and hydroquinone, oral acne medications such as Accutane, blood-thinning medications, and topical/oral cortisone make the skin more sensitive and increase the likelihood of irritation. Please check with your doctor if you are unsure whether you should be waxed while on or using a medication.

What should I expect after my first waxing treatment?

You can expect to have temporary redness and minor irritation for a day or two. Slight itchiness may be experienced as the hair grows out. Proper post-wax care will alleviate these symptoms quickly.

If you’re a bride or attending a special occasion, I recommend receiving waxing services a month before your special day to see how your skin reacts. If everything is fine, reschedule another wax a few days before.

Will I get ingrown hairs?

Waxing removes the entire hair, root and all, from the follicle. Your skin naturally hardens and thickens over the area that was waxed so it is important to keep that area gently exfoliated. Use a gentle scrub in that area about 2 days after waxing and continue to exfoliate 1 to 2 times a week thereafter.

Lavender and Tee Tree oil are both antimicrobial and antibacterial and will prevent irritation.

Try to wear loose-fitting clothes for a few days after to give your skin a chance to breathe and reduce moisture.

The bikini, lip and underarms are where we tend to perspire the most. Perspiration and moisture cause bacteria to grow. Once that area has been waxed, the follicle is wide open to this bacteria creeping in.

Try to avoid heavy exercise that will increase perspiration and chaffing for about 24-48 hours after waxing.

How do I benefit from waxing?

Waxing reduces hair growth when performed at every four weeks. While shaving cuts the hair at the skin’s surface, waxing pulls it out by the root, so it grows back softer, finer, and thinner. The more you wax, the less hair grows back.

If you’re a bride or attending a special occasion, I recommend receiving waxing services a month before your special day just to see how your skin reacts. If everything is fine, reschedule another wax a few days before the event.

Will waxing make my hair grow back thicker/stronger/darker?

Waxing does not cause you to grow more hair follicles. In fact, if you become a regular waxer, you will notice that your hair will become quite sparse and not as coarse.

When hair is shaved, it is cut off at the thick part of the hair, which is why you can feel stubble the next day. A waxed hair is removed from the root, and when the hair starts to grow back it is a new hair. It is very fine at the tip, so you feel no hair stubble.

What stimulate hair growth are hormones: natural or artificial.

Body Art Crystal Tattoos

These temporary tattoos can last up to two weeks. Choose from several different designs, colors, and Swarovski crystal gems.
Great for Brazilian /Bikini area or anywhere on the the body. Starting @ 10.00
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