Brazilian Wax Tips

Brazilian Waxing Des Moines Heidi L. Wilson

With the summer approaching and bikini weather is around the corner it is important to keep that hair underneath….under control. Brazilian waxing has been around since the eighties and has grown all over the US. For those first timers there can always be a little nervousness so being prepared will help with any anxiety. When considering having a Brazilian wax there are a few things you should know to prepare for your waxing. First, make sure the hair is grown out at least ¼ of an inch. The size of a small grain of rice. I would say at least a couple weeks of hair growth. Exfoliating your skin before the wax will help loosen the dead skin and easier for the hair follicle to come out. Make sure you do not place any lotion on the skin as it will be removed anyway and it will make it harder for the hair to be removed. Refrain from caffeine as it can make you more sensitive and you will probably feel it more. If you are a little sensitive you can take an ibuprofen a half hour before coming in. Check your medications to make sure they are safe when having a waxing service done as there are certain medications (specifically Accutane) that is not recommended. With a few tips and preparation, you will feel confident, well-groomed and ready for a relaxing day on the beach.

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