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Eyebrow Lamination or “Lift” Is The Next Beauty Service of 2020


Eye Brow Lamination also known as an “Eyebrow Lift” is an alternative to microblading and eyebrow extensions. Each individual hair is straightened to perfection with a semi permanent solution which can last up to eight weeks. It is also a keratin treatment that not only stimulates… Continue Reading “Eyebrow Lamination or “Lift” Is The Next Beauty Service of 2020″

Without the Worry of Being Hairy

How to prep for your Bikini or Brazilian Wax Spring is around the corner and we are all ready to jump into that new bathing suit. Before venturing out in the sun there are a few things to prep for before receiving your wax.… Continue Reading “Without the Worry of Being Hairy”

Brazilian Wax Tips

Brazilian Waxing Des Moines Heidi L. Wilson

With the summer approaching and bikini weather is around the corner it is important to keep that hair underneath….under control. Brazilian waxing has been around since the eighties and has grown all over the US. For those first timers there can always be a… Continue Reading “Brazilian Wax Tips”