Without the Worry of Being Hairy

How to prep for your Bikini or Brazilian Wax

Spring is around the corner and we are all ready to jump into that new bathing suit. Before venturing out in the sun there are a few things to prep for before receiving your wax. To help with any discomfort you can always take an ibuprofen an hour before the treatment helping to relieve any soreness. Also, reducing caffeine that day will help reduce any discomfort as caffeine can make the skin more sensitive. When prepping make sure you have let your hair grow out at least two weeks or a quarter of an inch (which is about the size of a grain of rice) or the was will not remove all the hair. Dry exfoliating with a loofah will remove any dead skin cells helping the hair to pull out smoother. Always wear loose clothing as it will help your skin breath after the wax. Communication is always important so never be afraid to ask questions when coming in for your appointment. A lot of clients will ask if they can receive a wax when they are on their period. Absolutely. You might be a little more sensitive, but it is completely safe and you will feel so much cleaner and refreshed. If you are receiving a bikini wax, I do have disposable under to wear preventing any wax from getting on your under garment. While receiving your waxing treatment you can talk to help distract focusing on the waxing. I have heard it all and always enjoy listening to my client’s stories. When we are done I will apply a nice soothing aloe vera ointment to help relieve the skin. After your wax it is important to exfoliate every other day to remove the dead skin off the surface. It will prevent the hair follicles from getting blocked underneath the skin. This is how ingrown hairs are created. I also do sell a wonderful product to use at home for after care use to prevent those nasty ingrown hairs. Also, avoid any sweaty activities, sun exposure, public pools, or jacuzzi, having sex, and showering with very hot water after getting a wax….. Now you are all ready for a fun day in the sun without the worry of being hairy. 

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